Roberts K Rowberry

Monday, September 14, 2015



I can see your loves not free

You have no issues using me

You laugh at me from afar

I am just a dying star

Why can’t your love be from the heart?

You play your game, think that you’re smart

I try to love you more each day

But you have nothing good to say

I found you naked and alone

All my love I have shown

But you throw it back at me

All your evil deeds I see

I’m getting closer everyday

Leaving here, on my way

But I always stay around

My bleeding heart you have bound

If I could just let you go

I would forever don’t you know

I have feelings deep inside

Those from you I have to hide

In the end, you’ll regret the pain

You have caused for your own gain

Someday you’ll have yourself to blame

When you’re cowering in your shame