Roberts K Rowberry

Monday, September 07, 2015



Evil demon inside me

My hopeless struggle to be free

You run my life in careless ways

Not knowing I count the days

Evil demon taking hold

Them becoming much more bold

I feel you swimming in my heart

Were you in my from the start

I don’t remember you coming in

Did you cause my first sin?

You fill my heart with doubt and pain

I’m not sure if I’m sane

In my life, you cause me trouble

In your wake, you have left much rubble

Like a bomb in the war

In my soul a hole you tore

Sometime I like to let you steer

Sometime you are so sincere

You have been with me since we were young

Sour taste left on my tongue

You exploit my soul all the time

You tell me everything is fine

In the end, I’m scared you’ll win

My good intentions growing thin