Roberts K Rowberry

Sunday, August 30, 2015



The sands of time flow through the hour glass

Nothing we can do to slow the sand as it does pass

When we were all young, we felt a little bolder

All our weaknesses show, as we get older

We wish we could turn back the clock to when we were younger

Back when dreams were real and had not been pulled under

Think back a little while to when you were a kid

How astonished you were by things your grandpa did

On Christmas Eve you could not sleep

Then you started to have warm feelings creep

You could tell the season by the kinds of treats

You wondered how Santa could accomplish that amazing feat

You would sit and listen to the stories they told

Always really wishing you could be old

Now you look into the eyes of a little one

Thinking of all the time and what you should have done

But life is not at our beck and call

We really have no control, no, none at all

We can only change what we do tomorrow

Because when we pass, no more time can we borrow

Take it from someone who has made lots of mistakes

If you’re being foolish, the hour glass only takes

Change what you are doing before it comes too late

You could surely pass soon, only heaven knows the date