This Life

Roberts K Rowberry

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


This Life

If the veil is so, thin

Why won’t they just let me in?

Is it that heaven full?

Or is there just a toll

This life makes me sad

This life makes me mad

This life makes me numb

This life why did I come

I really try to be happy

I know that sounds kind of sappy

This life is not for me

This life won’t let me be

This life does not understand me

This life cannot stand me

I’m so done feeling this way

I'm so done don’t want to see another day

Inside I feel so broken

My pot of pain is full of tokens

This life is killing me

This life is not thrilling me

It’s not that I want to die

I just don’t have any more try

If the veil is, do thin

Why won’t they just let me in?