Soul Cancer

Roberts K Rowberry

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Soul Cancer

Inside we have a soul

Mine has no room to grow

Sometimes I try to fight

But the darkness is growing bright

Why cant I be like them

My darkness is growing from within

Soul cancer is killing me inside

Soul cancer I have nowhere to hide

I wish I could be like you

My darkness is growing that much is true

I don't know how long to live

I have nothing left to give

Inside I am growing dark

There's no flowers in this park

Inside me a black hole grows

I keep it covered so it cant show

I do believe life is after me

If you looked you would see

Why am I the way I am

Please don't take my darkened hand

Soul cancer takes it's time

Soul cancer is my rhyme

Why you ask? Am I this way

I would have to say I was born this way