Roberts K Rowberry

Sunday, September 06, 2015



Why am I angry inside?

Is it greed or is it pride

It’s not as if they tried to hide

It’s not as if someone died

Some do say its only stuff

I’m really quite sure I have enough

Some will say we should share

It doesn’t have to be a dare

I have more than I can use

Why not share I can choose

I always say let’s be nice

Is hording things my next vice?

If none of this is truly, mine

Why not share to be kind

Sometimes I think I have less

But to some I’m truly blessed

I need to share and not be mad

The man upstairs would be glad

From the heart I should teach

Not from a box should I preach

So when the time comes to share

I should always be right there

God has given me so much

I don’t need this worldly crutch