Roberts K Rowberry

Saturday, February 20, 2016


Cut me in half to see my rings
Can you see the pain that yesterday brings
Some say there is a devil
we all listen on some level

Life is choices that all it is
Did he make it is it his
In the night fire in the sky
Someone still has to try

Push a button end it all
Is it mine or yours to call
We keep this world going on
Don't know the lyrics to that song

Tucked in be all nice and tidy
With the power you can be mighty
Look around at all the waste
In your life you sit and baste

I think I can run this race
I look around for a familiar face
Darkness demons all around
I thought life was a ghost town

Come one come all see the show
Don't you want to be in the know
Troubles come and troubles go
In the end will we ever know