Roberts K Rowberry

Monday, August 17, 2015



If I were to die tonight

I would not give death a fight

This life has been painful to me

And I truly do not feel free

Just out of reach is the prize

But it’s built on broken bridges and lies

As I ride down life’s lonely road

My hopes and dreams do corrode

I still ride in a lonely place

No real joy to embrace

Up ahead there is a sign

Maybe happiness there ill find

Through my blurry eyes I see

My happiness is not to be

Happiness is for other you see

And for me it’s not meant to be

I keep riding through the night

Try to keep my life upright

If I thought there was a chance

I would see my life in a glance

As the miles roll away

Will I see another day?

My tired life I ride today

Who will know, who will say