Roberts K Rowberry

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Why do I care what they think
I know my mind is at the brink
I really try not to care
Try to think they are not there

Their connected to my past
Why do these feelings have to last
I try to leave them far behind
Why wont they just leave my mind

In the end they were not a friend
They left me no love to send
Why do I think back now
Why cant I just throw in the towel

I have tried to reconnect with them
Negativity they always send
I want to start the healing now
I'm just not really sure how

New friends I always try to make
How do I know they are not fake
My old friends I think about
Only hard feeling I do tout

In the end I am all alone
To me their friendship have not shown
Their friendship did leave a trace
I wish I could put them someplace