Roberts K Rowberry

Friday, August 21, 2015



I can feel I’m at the edge

My dark feelings upward dredge

I’m afraid to look down

Death and darkness all around

Why does life keep pushing me?

Death seems the only option for me

No one can see my minds in pieces

The kind that only death releases

My dark feeling crushing me

Soon the angels I will see

My heart is broken only shreds

My life is hanging by minute threads

I can’t breathe there is no air

Every fiber filled with despair

Life is screaming pull the plug

My six foot hole has now been dug

There is no option, nowhere to turn

The bridges of life have now been burned

Doors slam shut no way out

My dark feeling push with much more clout

I’m all alone I can’t survive

Into darkness I now dive

It hurts too much to be alive

Maybe death will help me thrive