My Addiction

Roberts K Rowberry

Saturday, September 26, 2015

                                                                                                             My Addiction

Air is hot and burns my lungs

From the serpents fiery tongue

Its very hard for me to breath

The demons plan he does seethe

He makes all the nightmares true

As he ladles up his brew

My destruction he has in mind

To destroy all mankind

Listen to him I feel I must

His enticing whispers I can not trust

Hes been with me from the first

It is like an unquenchable thirst

In my mind starts the urge

As dark feeling start to surge

Soon he will take control

When it happens I do not know

In my mind I feel the rush

Now these feelings I can not crush

Now he is in control

What will be the final toll


My addiction is now in charge'

Like a criminal still at large

I wish I could turn back the clock

The demon now has plans to mock