Roberts K Rowberry

Sunday, November 01, 2015


You come in your not alone
And sit upon your trusty throne
You look at me what is wrong
Why does it take so long

I feel inside I am to blame
When you leave I am not the same
Why do I feel this way
Nothing good you have to say

Your back you turn will not look at me
What have I done it must be
I try to follow that is my rule
Your the king I am the fool

I looked it up do not understand
Is it luck or is it planned
I know I have no repercussion
Is you plant for suffication

I think back many years
I know you crave the people tears
I know you want to cut me loose
You tighten your grip like a noose

I know you game and its only time
You will cut me down in my prime
I hope you and yours burn in hell
Satan has plans for you as well