Mine Alone

Roberts K Rowberry

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mine Alone

Why is it always there
Like a hostage tied to chair
Most people do no know its there
If the did they would stop and stare

It is always on my mind
Cant they see are they blind
Sometimes it comes on slow
Whats the trigger I do not know

Sometimes it is a rush
Like a vice it tries to crush
I can not stop the flood of thought
That is not what my brain was taught

Overwhelmed sometimes I feel
Other times no big deal
It is over me like a cloud
Of this this I am not proud

Most friends and family do not know
Way to scary can not show
If I opened up the top
Ridicule would not stop

I myself mine to bare
This heavy load I will not share
This is my price to pay
You can not help there is no way