Roberts K Rowberry

Sunday, December 20, 2015


I feel the blood flow through my veins
Pushing through the days pains
I feel my lungs fill with air
Is that only my despair

I feel my heart beat like a drum
Another days heart break has come
I feel my eyes they are tired
Another night the day has sired

I feel my muscles getting weak
Is that because my futures bleak
I feel my mind all full of thought
Another day the sun has brought

I feel my throat parched and dry
Maybe life has passed me by
I feel my feet I have walked for miles
Maybe I will sit and rest a while

I feel my lips dried and cracked
I hope my work has not lacked
I feel my hands strong and nimble
My hard work my only symbol

I feel my soul it is empty
I know the devil will always tempt me
I feel my life pushing me
I feel a better man I should be.