Roberts K Rowberry

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lisa You know I love you more than life

I would not be here if you were not my wife

Troubles come and trouble go

You are always there that I know

You are always very strong

If I stick with you I cant go wrong

My love for you will never end

My broken heart you always mend

When I look into your eyes

They are more beautiful than the moon lite sky

You always know just what to say

Everyday with you is a special day

I wish I could always be with you

When I'm not I always feel blue

I love you to the moon and back

You have always helped me stay on track

I know in the past I have made mistakes

But your always as gentle as a snowflake

I want to be with you until the end

I know on you I can always depend

I want to tell you from the heart

That life with you is the best part

We will be together until we are old and gray

That is a comfort to me everyday