Roberts K Rowberry

Tuesday, October 06, 2015


Here comes that feeling again
Its the one that I cant win
I do my best try really hard
But I never draw that card

I seem that life wont let me win
I lost the race when did it begin
I dig a hole just to fill it in
That's when doubt comes flowing in

I think that this is all a trap
A former life trying to get me back
I feel there is impending doom
Will it come and how soon

People try to help me out
But no one hears my insides shout
Life is flying by me fast
Like a big nuclear blast

I don't think I am in control
My life's a car wrapped around a pole
Sometimes my feeling are all mixed up
In life's theater I don't make the cut

All I want is to feel peace
Anxiety and fear on me feast
Will these feelings ever stop
Will I ever be on top.