Roberts K Rowberry

Friday, August 28, 2015



As my fingers, grip the cliff
Inside my mind, there is only what if
Can I open my mouth to scream?
Can this be just a dream

No one knows what it is like for me
If I let go will they all will see
Why was this life given to me?
Is there something I’m supposed to be?

I’m on stage for the big show
The part I play I do not know
How much longer can I pose?
When the curtain will shut, no one knows

I still hang on and do not flinch
My nose is burning from the stench
I look around and I see
Everybody staring at me

Everyone says it’s okay
Is life supposed to be this way?
I don’t know are they wrong?
Or is it that I’m not strong?

Someone come and comfort me
Will I let go for all to see
I just need to find the key
I just want to be me