Roberts K Rowberry

Sunday, August 09, 2015




As I write, the sun goes down

Today’s mistakes I try to drown

It’s not that I'm a poet

I don’t know how else to show it


Sadness hurts beyond belief

Like a ship against the reef

It starts off slow I try to stop it

If a balloon, the pain would pop it


They give me more medication

Am I failing life’s probation?

Night is creeping ever closer

I'm a wanted man on life’s poster


Shadows long kind of creepy

The time will come hope I’m sleepy

Night is long when I’m awake

Frozen with fear my insides quake


The sun is gone only man made light

Like my heart, sun lost its fight

Colors gone only gray

Now my demons out to play


Some say they know my pain

I try to hide it no one to blame

My depression is getting better

Don’t rock the boat you’ll upset her


As I write my hearts lyrics

I know inside I have my critics

Like a flower, that’s lost its bloom

The day has ended much too soon