Roberts K Rowberry

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


The feel of cold steel on my tongue
I cant believe what I have done
The taste of lead fills my mouth
Is this the right way to get out

If i do it its all right
Inside me there is no more fight
Loud bang my ears are ringing
Or is that just the sound of angels singing

They say the veil is very thin
I my journey soon to begin
Will my pain subside a bit
Will it be gone when the bullet hits

To family and friends I leave behind
I will do it somewhere you will never find
I really need the pain to stop
My barrel is filled to the top

Its all over the job is done
I am flying to the sun
The echoes of the shot ring clear
I failed the test I am done here

They say that life is very short
My ship of life has left the port
My last day cant wait to live
I have nothing left to give