Dark Passenger

Roberts K Rowberry

Monday, August 10, 2015

Dark Passenger

A dark passenger rides with me
I know I will never be free
It is with me all the time
It's the reason I will never shine
I cant share my only friend
It will be with me at the end
You look at me with disgust
Hide the truth from you I must
Ride with me dark passenger
If you dont I'm all alone
Ride with me dark passenger
From your weight my soul doth groan
Inside of me dark friend does live
It always takes and never gives
It is there to take the wheel
It is there my fate to seal
Sometimes I try to run
Friendship try to make undone
But he always catches me
No on hears my screaming plea
My dark passenger is my soul
Makes the darkness inside me grow
My dark secret no one will know
My dark passenger runs this show