Crystal Ball

Roberts K Rowberry

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Crystal Ball

All I need is a crystal ball
A magical thing that tells all
Will it show what I have done
Or will is show things to come

Will it show me where I am from
That is something no one else has done
When I was born did I see my mother
Or was I rushed out to see another

Would it help if I had this ball
Would it help me understand all
Was I loved or was I hated
I do not know why I was traded

Would a crystal ball set me free
Help me find my family tree
Do I really want to know
Is there feeling for me to show

Do they wonder where I am
Or was secrecy there only plan
If a crystal ball was real
All this wonder could it reveal

I love the ones that took me in
Not to do so would be a sin
Crystal ball you can feel free
To come around and visit me