Roberts K Rowberry

Monday, August 24, 2015



Inside my heart, I feel quite sick

Will pills and therapy do the trick?

I am laying here with doubtful thoughts

The demon in me can it be caught

Help me God to get this right

The feeling in my chest so tight

My mind is racing to and fro

Writing by the lamps soft glow

They tell me to live in the moment

I wish I could so I could own it

I spend my hours in time that’s gone

Wondering what I did wrong

I also spent thoughts in the future

Both of them, they give me torture

I need to use my five senses

To keep my mind corralled in fences

What I’ve done I cannot change

Take off the blinders to see full range

I need to know what to do

To keep the pain from showing through

I am trying to get through this

Is my aim true or will I miss

I pray the Lord my soul to keep

As old feelings start to creep