Roberts K Rowberry

Wednesday, December 02, 2015


Could it be that I am dead
Or is it just in my head
All I feel is the blackness
Could it be I need more practice

I don't know which way to go
Can someone help me does anyone know
The devil has his eye on me
He wont let go wont set me free

This is somewhat a familiar place
Speeding up cant keep this pace
Time is up life is over
Feel the chill its like October

Mind is racing head is spinning
Could it be that he is winning
Look around can not see
Is it over could it be

I am tired need to sit
Falling in an endless pit
If I move will ge see me
I'm not sure I want to be me

This life will have conclusion
Will it be endless confusion
I'm not sure I can help you
I don't know if I can break through