Roberts K Rowberry

Sunday, October 25, 2015


I know my life has to change
In my head things are strange
I know I have to change my path
Even I can to the math

I know I have come to road with cross
I my life things are toss
Different things I try to think
Up ahead I see the brink

I know this might make you laugh
Psycho doctors keep on staff
Cant find my way through life's maze
I walk though life in a daze

How do I make a start
Can my my mind take a part
I'm not sure which way way to go
So I just follow the easy flow

I need to turn my life around
I feel my life is somehow bound
The road is winding and is narrow
It scares my bones to the marrow

I hope these words do explain
Why I am in so much pain
I hope I can make a choice
And listen to the better voice