Roberts K Rowberry

Saturday, August 29, 2015



Am I scared of getting better?

Do I use my pain as a tether?

If I didn’t have this pain

In my life, would I gain?

What’s the thing that holds me back?

Am I scared to change my well know track?

How will it be if I change?

Will those feeling be all strange?

They say I have to give it time

How will I know, what are the signs?

How will I know if things are good?

Can my thoughts be understood?

How will I know what to say?

Will I get better day by day?

I am tired of these feeling

I am tired of pain when breathing

Is there really a way for this to stop?

Or this change just be a prop

Will I use the things that they teach me?

Will I stay for those that need me?

In need my mind to be right

But do I have the strength to fight?

I hope I do for my own sake

Not much more, I can take