Roberts K Rowberry

Tuesday, August 25, 2015



Do you ever wish you could go away

Never to see another day

Maybe go into your mind

Many friends there I would find

In my mind, I store my things

Scary thoughts my sadness brings

In my head, I hide my thoughts

Tortured feelings they have brought

In my mind a dreary place

Can’t ever show that on my face

Thoughts do come and they do go

Never crossed my mind to show

In my mind, I stay downstairs

In a room with empty chairs

No one ever comes in to play

They would never see the next day

Don’t you ever sit and wonder

If you were just someone’s blunder

I puzzle if there will come a day

When I won’t feel this way

They say God can’t make mistakes

But what if something accidentally breaks

I guess I will just move along

Feeling something is quite wrong