Roberts Poems
By Robert K. Rowberry

New Poem


I remember with fondness the days of yore
When I thought I knew what life was for
As the years pass I get older
With each moment life gets colder

I remember the night I learned of death
It scorched my heart and took my breath
Far too young to leave this earth
Only two years from his birth

I remember life without so much pain
Now I have feelings I can’t explain
I feel like life is passing me by
Some days it feels like I’m waiting to die

I remember riding in the truck with dad
Days gone forever, feeling sad
I rode along with my brothers and friends
Times I never wanted to end

I remember the days my children were born
My love for them can never be torn
Unconditional love I now understand
Two perfect grains from uncountable sands

I remember the day I first met my wife
Since that day she’s my life
She is the mate of my soul
Without her life’s not whole


Most of the poems that I write are somewhat dark in nature, but I have written all kinds of poems that I will be posting on here. These poems are for me, if you find that you do not like them remember they are for me. 
About Me
My name is Robert and I suffer from depression and anxiety that affect my life on a daily basis. I am also the father to two wonderful children Trisha and Tony. I have been married to Lisa for 28 years, and have loved every minute of our marriage. One of the things I do to help with my anxiety is writing poems. I have not shared very many of them, but I am going to start sharing them on this page. One of the reasons I am sharing them is to let people that suffer with depression and anxiety know that there is a positive way to release the pain.
Motorcyle Riding Pictures
Another thing I do to help with stress management is ride my motorcyle. Being out on the open road is extremely relaxing. I mostly do shorter rides, but I have had the chance to do multiple day rides. I will be posting pics of my rides.